Your mate’s a mad Arsenal/Spurs/City/United fan. You’re not - and his lot are losing, big style! They’re losing their heads and you can’t stop laughing. Time to give your mate some sh*t about it!

This is where Fanbantr comes in! It’s a nice and simple mobile app that gives you footy news, fixtures, scores - and a place to have some real banter with your pals.

Use the app to chat with your mates about everything to do with footy - about how bad that referee was, how offside that goal was, how hilarious that miss was - or how sublime that finish was.

Do it all between yourselves too - you’re not on social media where everyone else is barging in with their elbows to what you’re trying to say, it’s just you, your mates and your non-stop onslaught of wind-ups at them for their crap centre-forward!

You don’t even have to be watching the match to get your chance to have a dig! The Fanbantr app will send you updates thick and fast - really fast - all through the match, so you’ve got all the ammo you need right at your fingertips the second it happens.

Fanbantr also includes a news section, of course, with up-to-date footy stories, quotes and gossip, along with exclusive opinion and analysis from a select group of contributors.

Best of all, it’s totally free to download and use - no in-app purchases, no secret ‘premier gold extra bells and whistles’ subscriptions to worry about or wonder about, just one nice and simple app that lets you give your mates sh*t!


Download Fanbantr now - and banter with attitude!


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